From Our Family to Yours with Love

Rose Dinettes is a family business that has spent the better part of six decades crafting heirloom quality dinette furniture. Three generations have lovingly and skillfully produced each one of our Rose chairs, bringing you the gift of timeless craftsmanship. You'll find that craftsmanship in the indestructible quality of our seamlessly welded chairs, in our double-enforced leg supports and in the chair backs that curve with your spine for a comfortable spinal support. In addition, our large selection of charming chair designs, color and texture options, table tops, and seat upholsteries gives every American and Canadian family the option to customize their dinette set to the decor of their home.

Rose is Born...

Rose Dinettes was established by our grandfather, Julius Weiss, in 1957, in a modest shop on Myrtle Avenue in Brooklyn, NY. Grandpa Julius took pride in his furniture that will last a lifetime, with welding smooth as satin. Every table and chair passed by his skilled hands and was scrupulously inspected.

...and Has Fully Grown

For over half a century we, his children and grandchildren, have developed that small workshop in Brooklyn into a transnational corporation. We now manufacture in Canada while our sales offices remain in New York. Today, close to a million American and Canadian families seat their family and guests on over 5 million Rose chairs. Still, we have kept up the high standards of production that our Grandfather, Julius was famous for. And every chair is manufactured especially for you, for your beloved family and honored guests. So, HAVE A SEAT.

Quality Defined

Seamlessly Welded Chairs means a beautiful satin smooth frame. It also means that this frame is here to stay and will keep its shape and never come apart. Double-Enforced Leg Supports means greater durability and stability, so you can confidently seat any size guest that may join you for a meal, and it will bear the weight with grace. (no embarrassing incidents. ever.) You can also expect your table or chair not to topple if a child stands up on it. Curved Chair Backs give your spine the support you need for long lasting comfort, so you won't experience lower back aches that is common with soft couches. Furthermore, each seat was build at a height that makes it easier to stand up and move on, while giving you ample under table space.

Style Selection

Furnishing your home is a personal project. Enjoy our large selection of frame color and designs in a variety that includes traditional, contemporary, modern, rustic, and baroque. If your room is small, you may want to choose a slighter sized chair that takes up less visual space. If your space allows it, go ahead and make a statement with statelier sized chairs. Have fun with our vast selection of upholstery! Match or contrast the decor of your room. Our chairs are very much like forever friends - they last a lifetime, yet you never get bored of them, as you can change the upholstery anytime you want a new look. (Just bring them in to your local dealer and we'll change it for you for a fraction of the cost of new chairs.)

Guaranteed With Confidence

Rose Dinettes guarantees your satisfaction with confidence. (In over 50 years, we have a track record of less than .1% returns.) Enjoy the peace of mind with our one year warranty on each frame. We back our product because we believe in it.

Customer Service

Our customer service is still of the old-school "each customer is a one and only - we'll bend over backwards for you" style. Orders are accurately filled and promptly shipped. Expect your order shipped within a week, on all in-stock furniture. At Rose Dinettes, we are delighted to assist our customers; however, all are thoroughly satisfied and don't need our help.

Don't Pay More

Keeping the work within the family enables us to keep prices competitive. We sell furniture that is superior in quality to all others, with prices that match or beat them. At Rose, you get the real thing, without paying more. Now, HAVE A SEAT and enjoy!